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Sylvia P. won $4,188,719.98
playing the Beach Life Jackpot

Interview with the winner:

1. How did you react when you realized that you are a BIG winner?
I was speaking on the phone with my brother,
and shouted Oh my god, Oh my god Henry, I won I won! He asked what I had won, so I gave him the amount. He said to calm down and asked “you mean four thousand right?”. I read out the amount again, so Henry went go see for himself and said laughing “ok you're right, calm down are you okay, breathe Sis”.

2. Where were you playing when your lucky moment struck?
(At home or work?) At home

3. Who have you shared this exciting news with and what did they have to say?
My children, their father and a few friends. My kids asked “Mom I am a millionaire?”, I Asked them if they are joking. (laughing) Yes mom’s laughing all the way to the bank, I answered.

4. Did you ever imagine that you would win the amount you won?
Like everyone you always wish to win one day and not to worry if at the end of the month you have enough to pay your bills.

5. Was it a lucky charm that brought Lady Luck to you?
My brother came to my house and asked why don’t I play Dad`s numbers. I asked which one. My! brother picked the numbers, because I was playing Keno so he left and I started clicking and hit 9 on 10. Ever since my dad passed away in 2000 we always continued playing his lottery numbers. The only number that did not come out in the combination my brother had inserted was 36 and that is the year my dad was born (A sign from DAD?) Then I started to play the Beach Life Jackpot, and on my first game I won, amazing!

6. How do you plan to enjoy your winnings?
An exotic trip or huge shopping spree? Honestly life hasn’t been easy. The only priority is to buy a house and give to my two children new furniture and what in the past I was not able to give them.

7. Do you have a! ny tips or advise for players?
Never stop dreaming and hoping because one day maybe you will be the one in the hall of fame just like me.

8. Personal comment:
To all Joyland staff, a million thanks to all for your support and don t stop your good work.

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